Start hunting
Download the BCONSHOP application and start hunting for the offers that interes you.
With the BCONSHOP application you’ll get notifications about offers from your favorite brands and shops at the right place, at the right time.
Exclusive offers directly on your mobile: search for offers, hunt discounts and collect points for hunting!
  • Load
    Download the free application from the relevant store and register into the system.
  • Aim

    Specify your interests as precisely as possible to shoot prey that interests you.

  • Hunt

    Hunt sales. Go to selected hunting grounds and find prey. In this hunt you don"t have to wait for hours in silence, your prey finds you.

For customers

Download our application, choose your interests, i.e. specify what you want to buy and we will select for you the best offers. Just to make it easier: when you are near an offer that interests you will get a notification. Don"t miss offers, hunt them!


BCONSHOP is just the first application on the BCONHUNT platform. We are planning to open more hunting grounds later, so you can hunt for discounts on a wider scale. Follow us to be informed firsthand about new possibilities.


For retailers

Increase your turnover with the latest devices.

Take the lead of your competitors and reach your customers on a new channel.